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Welcome to Mid-West Corvettes, Inc.

Mid-West Corvettes is dedicated to the enjoyment and adventures one can only experience in a Corvette. Our event activities list is long and diverse and will satisfy the most avid sports car enthusiast. The Corvette is not only America’s sports car, it is our sports car. We take great pride in ownership of this icon and being a part of the Corvette family.  MWC invites you to contact our Director of membership or any of our officers if you have any questions or are ready to start your Corvette adventures with us.

Our Club History… A glimpse in the rear view mirror rear-view

They say the journey is just as important as the destination… This holds particularly true for Mid-West Corvettes (MWC). Our rich heritage and passion for the Corvette has greatly contributed to what our organization has become today. We are one of the oldest (established in 1960) Corvette clubs in the nation and one of the largest in the mid-west region. Our membership invites you to look through our history and you will find, that as a club, we have evolved and grown along-side the evolution of the Corvette. You will soon see the one common thread… good people, doing great things, with the Corvette as our cornerstone.

Rich In History

The Original Photo

Mid-West Corvettes founder, Paul Castle, found inspiration in this 1960 photo shoot of corvette owners taken at Mills Chevrolet in Moline, Illinois. The photo was taken for a newspaper advertisement but what Mr. Castle took away was a group of like minded individuals who would begin a bond that remains rock solid today.  From the drivers he met that day, Paul Castle enlisted 10 to be the founding members of Mid-West Corvettes.

True To Our Roots

Flash forward and you’ll find changes in our membership and in the Corvette, but the core values of our founders remain. Our members and their Corvettes lined up for a photo to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Mid-West Corvettes in May of 2010.

50th Anniversary

Drive… Eat… Explore…Contribute…Have Fun!!!

Mid-West Corvettes is a very active club that has designed a wide-variety of activities that is only limited by our imagination. Our Charity events are very important to us and we are thankful for the opportunity to assist others needs. MWC focuses on raising and distributing funds to a long list of local children’s charities and families with kids that need our help. We also are honored to sponsor local Veteran organizations through our “Vettes on the River” car show allowing us to give back to those who have given much.

Our other events include, but not limited to, Rally’s; Club Socials; Picnics; Car Shows; Low-Speed Events; and a wide variety of drive-out options from the same-day drives to overnight events that range from one night to multiple night stays. The best part is you pick the activities you are interested in and you can also try something new if you feel adventurous.

Have an idea for an event? Most of our activities have been developed by our membership and we encourage new ideas to share and enjoy. If you are looking to enhance your Corvette experience, this club can get you there!

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Interested In Becoming a Member?

MWC LogoIf you’re a Corvette owner we would love to have you as a member and we encourage you to find out more about our club and what we offer to our members. Hope to see you at one of our meetings soon!

Forging a Giving Vision

Our organization is most proud when we can give to others that need our support. MWC has an established history of generating funds for local children’s charities and individuals in the Quad City area. We have sponsored our own charity fund-raisers and have raised significant funds through Quad City Diner Book sales and proceeds from contributions by our members.

In 2014 we expanded our donation recipient list to include our Veterans. Our Vettes on the River event has enabled us to honor our Veterans and give back, in a small way, to those who gave so much. It is an honor to work with our Veterans on this event and support them and their families.

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Spring Rally Spring Ralley

Our Spring Rally is the kick-off event for our driving season. Held the second Sunday in April, the Spring Rally gets the blood pumping and the Corvettes rumbling after a long storage season. Drivers and their Navigators can participate in three different rally challenges. Months before the event, our Rally Committee has designed a specific route and instruction for the participants. The list includes turns, things to observe and write down on the score-sheet you’re given… get them all right and the first place trophy could be yours. The second challenge is the Poker Rally. There will be 4 poker stops along your journey at each stop you will draw a playing card. At the end of the Rally, you can purchase additional cards to make your best five card poker hand. Trophies and cash prizes handed out for this part of the challenge as well. The final challenge is the total miles traveled. If the total miles you drove matches the Rally Committees total miles you win. All of the proceeds from the Rally goes to our club Charity. This event is a great way to usher in the Corvette driving season.

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Drive OutDrive-Outs

Starting in early April until late October, our club engages in numerous drive-outs. Many of these events are same-day drive-outs (usually on a Saturday or Sunday) where there is a planned destination which allows the driver (and navigator) to participate and still get home in the afternoon of the event. We also have planned multiple-day driving adventures that can range from the two day drives up to the week-long excursions. Whatever feeds your passion for Corvette adventure, we have the drive-out for you to enjoy.

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2001 AutocrossMWC Autocross – Our Low-Speed Event

Our annual Low-Speed event is typically held in July. A course is laid-out using cones on a flat, smooth, unobstructed, paved lot. There are numerous curves and slaloms to challenge the driver to finish the course in the shortest time. Each run in electronically timed and recorded. This is an NCCC sanctioned event so points are awarded as well as trophies for the fastest times. If you want to see just what your Corvette is capable of (handling), in a controlled environment, this is the place. It will definitely enhance your driving experience and you’ll be even more impressed with this high performance sports car.

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We’re not sure who gets more of a “kick” out of the parades we enter, the crowds or our members… We only know that everyone has fun! Our club participates in several parades during the driving season and seeing all the Corvettes rolling down the street two-by-two is truly an exceptional visual. Some of our high-light parades include the Memorial Day, and July Fourth parades on both sides of the river. We also have significant participation in the Le Claire, IA Tug Fest parade leading up to the Vettes on the River car show in Le Claire. There are always opportunities to enter other parades that our members participate in… and the fun continues after the parade as we meet somewhere for lunch.

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There are many times throughout the year that our club members get together to celebrate our friendships. We have a large group of members who participate in a Euchre night once a month during the winter months. One of our couples opens up their home and they have a night of card playing, eating, and enjoying each-others company. When the weather turns cold and the Corvettes are in storage, we hold our “Winter Bash” pot luck. There are games, homemade soups, and lots of other side-dishes and, of course, desserts. It’s our way of staying in touch with each other while the cars are tucked away. We also try to schedule our MWC annual picnic at some point in the middle of our driving season, and we hold an informal car show / cookout at Eriksen Chevrolet in Milan, IL. And if someone wants to have an impromptu dive-out or party, we’re certainly up for that as well.

All-in-all, our club and its members do an excellent job of keeping in touch through the entire year… after all our main talking subject is the Corvette!

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2018 Vettes On The River shattered attendance records with 634 Corvettes and over $21,000 raised for our Vietnam Veterans. Thanks to everyone involved in this event from participants, spectators, volunteers and sponsors for making this such a huge success!

Vettes on the River “ is MWC’s annual premier event. This all Corvette show & shine event has grown to be the “go-to” Corvette car show in the midwest. Corvette clubs and enthusiasts come from all over the midwest to join us in celebrating our passion for the Corvette. The interactions between the Corvette clubs and all of the participants is extraordinary and you will feel like you’re part of a much bigger family. This event has been so well received by the Corvette community, we have created its own website. To learn more about Vettes on the River, its history, its future, and how to join us, please click on the VOTR button and share our excitement about this Corvette Party!!!

 Vettes On The River Website  

Vettes On The River

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