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SUBJECT: FCOA 101 What the heck is this FCOA you keep hearing about??? Sit back, relax and “brush up” on one of my favorite subjects! The only homework assignment that will get you an “A” in this class is submitting a FCOA membership application for your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews who are under the age of 16. And the only pop quiz question is “Why is there a dolphin in the FCOA logo?” (Hint: Your “cheat sheet” is NCCC’s Standing Rules if you don’t know the answer!)

LESSON #1: FCOA (FUTURE CORVETTE OWNERS ASSN.) is the youth organization of NCCC. It’s a unique “Corvette Club for kids” formed to interest the younger generation in the Corvette hobby. This is the generation that is the Corvette enthusiast of the 21st century! FCOA members are the foundation of NCCC’s future and hopefully FCOA members will go on to be active NCCC members when they turn 16.

LESSON #2: Concern for NCCC’s future led Southeast Region members Don and Betty Parks to envision a way to involve more kids in the Corvette hobby. In 1991, with this in mind, they led a group of NCCC members to develop a new youth membership concept and FCOA was “born”. The first 76 members were signed up at the 1991 NCCC Convention in Charlotte NC. In 1992 FCOA was designated as the “official” junior organization of NCCC. Marleen DeZeeuw was the first “Director” of FCOA. Karen Port took over that volunteer position in 1995, laying groundwork for me to build on when I picked up the reins in 1997.

LESSON #3: The original $2 FCOA dues cost was increased to $5 fee in October, 1991 and then to the present one-time $10 fee in 2011. WOW! No dues increase in 20 years! How was that possible? Since 1997 Mid America Motorworks has been FCOA’s main sponsor, providing membership cards and patches as well as helping with postage costs. FCOA “benefits” such as the other items included in the membership packet are supported by other automotive-related businesses as well as some NCCC Regions and Clubs. Fund-raisers for FCOA include selling some Corvette books for kids and a Corvette history coloring book created for the enjoyment of both kids and adults. In 2003 FCOA held a raffle for a 1953 Corvette pedal car, in 2006 FCOA had a raffle for a set of Goodyear tires and in 2012 the Quine family organized a raffle for a set of Kumho tires.

LESSON #4 Since 1997, new FCOA members receive a membership packet tailored for different age groups. Included is a personalized welcome letter, FCOA patch, FCOA membership card plus a notepad, dash plaque, stickers, trading cards and other items supplied by those who support the FCOA program. It’s not always possible but I try to get enough items so that all current members can receive a packet of “goodies” annually.

LESSON #5: Many FCOA milestones have been reached in the last few years. In 1999 FCOA assigned FCOA membership #1000, in 2002 FCOA #2000, in 2005 FCOA #3000, FCOA #4000 in 2009 and it looks like FCOA #5000 will be assigned in 2013. Assigning membership numbers for FCOA is done a little different than NCCC as numbering is consecutive rather than separated by Region and/or Club. Since 1999 FCOA has “honored” every 100th member in Blue Bars, on its website and with some extra things in their new FCOA member welcome packet. In 1998 the Midwest Region was the first Region to attain 100 FCOA members; in 2009 it became the first Region to hit 500 FCOA members. In 2006 the West Region was the second Region to attain over 400 FCOA members. Windy City Corvettes is the first club to sign up over 200 FCOA members and Cedar Rapids Corvette Club is the second club to exceed 100 members. Things change in NCCC over the years and FCOA is no different. FCOA has its own e-mail address (FCOAkids@aol.com) and its great website (www.corvettesnccc.org/fcoa1.html). In late 2005 a new FCOA logo was introduced along with a line of FCOA apparel for kids. A really fantastic “change” the last few years is that quite a few of the new FCOA members are second generation FCOA kids ~ now how great is that!?!?!? What does that mean? It means that the new member is the son or daughter of a former FCOA member who in many cases is now a NCCC member! Class is over! Don’t miss out on that “A” ~ get those FCOA membership applications in soon! What are you waiting for? Get those kids excited about our favorite car ~ you don’t want them running around in a Viper, Porsche or Mustang, do you?

THANKS TO ALL YOU NCCC MEMBERS for making FCOA such a successful program for young Corvette enthusiasts! It is the foundation of NCCC’s 21st century so get those young kids signed up now and then encourage them to join NCCC as a Youth Member when they have their 16th birthday! Pat Kelly, FCOA Director


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Allan Fiscus Memorial Spring Rallye @ Eriksen Chevrolet
Apr 21 @ 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Allan Fiscus Memorial Spring Rallye @ Eriksen Chevrolet | Milan | Illinois | United States
Join Mid-West Corvettes for our Alan Fiscus Memorial Spring Rallye on April 21, 2024 Starting Place will be Ericksen Chevrolet at 325 1st Ave East – Milan IL 61264 Event Information & Flyer