Getting The Most Out Of The MWC Calendar


The calendar has some new functionality that can really add to your experience on the site. It’s a multi-view calendar. It will appear differently depending on what device you are using to view it (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone). On desktops, laptops and tablets the calendar defaults to the “Monthly” view. On phones it will default to the “Agenda” view. These are only the default views and you can change them to suit your preference by clicking on Change Views.

calendar tip

You can change your view to a daily, weekly, monthly, or agenda view. It will remain in the view you select until you leave the site. Next time you visit the site the calendar will revert to the default view.


Filters allow you to set the calendar to display only those events in a certain Category or Tag. For instance, setting the Category to Car Shows will only show Car Shows. Same for any category you choose. When are the Drive-Outs scheduled? Just set the Category to Drive-Outs and you will see them all. Remember up above when we looked at setting the View? Sometimes combining a certain View with a Category filter can create some interesting and useful calendars.


Under the calendar in the right side is a button labeled Subscribe. If you click on the Subscribe button you will see a menu where you can add the calendar to a variety of calendars like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook and even export the calendar to a XML file. Want all the club activities right on your phone? You got it!


Certain views will include an option to print the calendar.


The new MWC calendar can do a lot and it will pay dividends to familiarize yourself with the options and functions available.