Mid-West Corvettes, Inc.

February 4, 2020

President Darrell Amato called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Ballots for voting to change the Constitution, date for membership dues, from October to September were passed out.

28 members were present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. A moment of silence was observed for Fallen, Past and Current Military Personnel and First Responders.

Secretary’s Report: Sue Severs thanked Michelle Ingersoll for taking last months minutes notes. The minutes will only be posted to the website. A motion to accept the January minutes as submitted was made by Mike Alvarado and seconded by Bob Hebestreit. Motion carried.

Treasurers’ Report: Shirley Schneider is the new Treasurer and passed a current Club’s balance sheet around the room. Credits were Interest, 2020 Banquet, Diner Books and Banquet-Glossop. Debits were Diner Books, Transfer from General to Charity, Denny Waddell-Banquet Expense, Bill MorrisseyIV- reimburse for Banquet and PO Box Rental Fee. Charity: Credits were 50/50 and No Name Tags/Birthdays/Anniversaries, Transfer from General to Charity and Silent Auction(Banquet). Debits were none. A motion to accept Treasurers’ report was made by Ron Mathias and seconded by Melissa Thorngren. Motion carried. A motion to pay Webmaster Fee made by Fay Anderson and seconded by Melissa Thorngren. Motion carried. A motion to pay Banquet expense made by Roger Miller and seconded by Carol Mathias. Motion carried.

Governor’s Report: Al Fiscus reported that fliers for Spring Ralley and Low Speed are on the NCCC website. Alvarados are going to the Convention March 7th, in Burr Ridge IL., cost is $40 per couple, Al has information if you are interested. Looked like lots of Thank-yous in the mail from Club Christmas Donations. MWC turns 60 in May with a party being planned for September 12th.

Membership: Gale Brown reported we have 100 members with 14 being Lifetime (which will appear in Italics on the membership list). If you have any changes let Gale Brown know. He also has information on Corvette Adventures if you are interested.

Social: Jean Amato heads up Social this year. Check the website calendar! February 9th Tin Can Dinner at the Iowa Machine Shed 5:30 pm. February 19th Coffee/breakfast at Ross’s Restaurant in Bettendorf 9 am. March 8 Tin Can Dinner Los Agaves(16th ST&John Deeere Rd.) Moline IL. 5:30pm. March 18th Coffee/Breakfast Quad City Pancake House Rock Island. 9am. Motion to donate $ to Greg and Jennifer Crouch for Conservancy made by Melissa Thorngren and seconded by John Severs. Motion carried. The Club Thanks them for all they did for preparing for the Banquet (46 attended).

Speed: Butch Thomsen heads up Speed this year. April 19, 2020 is Spring Rallye. Begins at Eriksens’ and ends at River House. 3 events – poker, milage and trivia. Butch is looking for volunteers to help out. Low Speed Auto Cross is August 16th. New tab on main page of website, competition events. Take a look, see if it makes sense.

Communications: If you are not getting regular emails contact Denny Waddell.

Charity: Sherri Brown noted Winners of 50/50 were Darrell Amato and Bill Morrissey JR. who both donated winnings back to charity. Discussed losing 50/50 tickets for Banquet, decided that each person will get 1 ticket at the door for any drawings, so no need to keep tickets for the year.

Webmaster: Please use the website. If you have any questions contact Chuck Hersey. You should all be getting emails on a regular basis.

Car Show: Roger Miller will be doing this for the year. Links on website! QC Regional Car Show Feb. 7-9th $8.00 to get in. Chicago Car Show Feb. 8-17th.

Publicity: Jean Amato. No report.

Parade: The general feeling of the membership was that we do not need a chairperson for this position. No one knew of any upcoming parades.

Quartermaster: Kathy Ragona. No orders will be taken at the meetings as it is all online on the website now. If you have any problems contact Kathy and she will help you through it. Clothing tab is now on main page of website. Donated $95 to Charity for sold items.

Historian: Waldo Arnholz. If you have photos from the last 10 years of Club events Waldo would appreciate it if you could share them as he is working on compiling photos for the 60th Anniversary party. He can give you a thumb drive to put them on for him.

Sunshine: Sharon Morrissey heads up Sunshine and asks that you contact her with any information. February Birthdays and Anniversaries were noted. Several cards have been sent out in the past month. Donna Jochims mother-in-law passed away. There will be a couples shower to honor Bob Nelson and Kathy Ragonas October wedding on a Thursday once the weather gets nice outside. More information to come as plans develop.

Old Business: 60th Anniversary committee will be meeting Feb. 19th 5:30 at Eriksens to begin preparations and a Remote Controlled Corvette will be raffled at this event as well. Committee members are Al, Kathy, Diane, Sharon, Donna, Melissa, Roger, Darrell and Jean. Discussed getting names, addresses, phone numbers, creating a fier, group photo of cars/members. Awards presented to Bob Hebestreit participation(dining books) and rookie of the year.

New Business: Vote tally to change the membership dues date from October to September 28-yes 0-no. The Constitution will be changed to reflect this change. Asked members to help clean up the meeting room and all were invited to City Limits. Motion to adjourn made by John Severs and seconded by Mike Alvarado. Meeting adjourned at 7:51 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Sue Severs, Secretary


Board of Directors and Chair Persons

  • President: Darrell Amato
  • Vice President/Communications: Denny Waddell
  • Secretary: Susan Severs
  • Treasurer: Shirley Schneider
  • Governor: Al Fiscus
  • Membership: Gail Brown
  • Social: Jean Amato
  • Speed: Butch Thomsen
  • Charity: Sherri Brown
  • Webmaster: Chuck Hersey
  • Car Shows: Roger Miller
  • Publicity: Jean Amato
  • Historian: Waldo Arnholz
  • Parade: Members
  • Quartermaster: Kathy Ragona
  • Sunshine: Sharon Morrissey