First MWC LogoIt All Started In 1960

Back in 1960 at the age of 22, Paul Castle got the notion to form a club centered around a new sports car. That notion led to the formation of Mid-West Corvettes. Today we continue to benefit from the ideas that originated decades ago. Our members are very aware of our clubs’ heritage and we celebrate the birthday of our club each year in May. It started in 1960 with one man and this new sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette.

Mid-West Corvettes Charter
MWC 1960-03 - First Gathering Photo - Scan from Photo 2nd Matt Murrin 5th Paul Castle-1

Letter Sent By Paul Castle Announcing The Formation Of Mid-West Corvettes in 1960


This announcement is to inform you, being a Corvette owner, that a new sports car club has been organized in your area. Sunday, the fifteenth of May, the MID-WEST CORVETTES, held their first organizational club meeting. Our club was formed for the purpose of safely promoting social and sporting activities centered around the common ownership of the Chevrolet Corvette sport car.

The constitution was adopted and the date set for the next meeting. We are small now but we hope to grow rapidly with about thirty Corvette owners being contacted, some as far away as Muscatine.

The club charter is open now and will be through our next meeting. We hope you will be able to make it. There ought to be a fine showing.

Sunday, the twelfth of June has been set for our second monthly meeting (second Sunday of every month). The time is two O’Clock and the place is the lower Pavilion in Prospect Park, Moline, Illinois.

We hope you can make it. If you know any Corvette owners we would certainly appreciate you telling them about it. For further information call: Paul Castle, Moline 2-3493.

1960 Fall Rally

1960 Fall – The First MWC Rally


Early Club Footage


1980 • 20 Year Anniversary

The club gathered with their Corvettes in front of Warren Chevrolet for a 20 Year Anniversary photo. What we wouldn’t give to own some of the Corvettes shown in this 1980 MWC club picture today.

1980 Club Photo
MWC 1985 - 25th Anniversary Logo created by Paul Castle

1985 • 25 Year Anniversary

25 years of Corvettes. Lots of changes in the Corvette had taken place – 4 generations in fact. In 1984 Chevrolet introduced a completely new design for the Corvette. A year later Paul Castle followed suit with a new Mid-West Corvettes logo to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the club.

Paul Castle is in the center in the photo below and on the far left is a young Al Fiscus.

1985 Anniversary

1987 • 27 Years & Growing

In 1987 Mid-West Corvettes took their group photo in front of Bob Eriksen Chevrolet.

MWC 2002-09-12 - Club Group Photo

2002 • 42 Years Strong

The Corvettes gathered once again in 2002 for a photograph and turned out another priceless gem. This time the location was the Moline airport.

MWC 2002-09-12 - Club Group Photo

2010 • Our 50th Birthday

50 Years! Mid-West Corvettes has so much history, so many memories. Our members never forget our heritage.

2010 saw the creation of a 50th anniversary commemorative logo for Mid-West Corvettes.

50 years of Corvettes, Friends and Community!

MWC 50th Birthday

2016 • 56 Years Of Corvettes, Friends & Community

To celebrate our 56th Birthday as well as 34 years of sponsorship from Eriksen’s Chevrolet we gathered once again with over 100 members in attendance.

MWC 2016 - Club Group Photo
Mid-West Corvettes Logo

Come Make Some Memories With Us!

Mid-West Corvettes Logo