2001 AutocrossLow-Speed (a.k.a. Autocross)

Our annual Low-Speed event is typically held in July. A course is laid-out using cones on a flat, smooth, unobstructed, paved lot. There are numerous curves and slaloms to challenge the driver to finish the course in the shortest time. Each run in electronically timed and recorded. This is an NCCC sanctioned event so points are awarded as well as trophies for the fastest times. If you want to see just what your Corvette is capable of (handling), in a controlled environment, this is the place. It will definitely enhance your driving experience and you’ll be even more impressed with this high performance sports car.


Low Speed events require a lot of volunteers. From timing and scoring to course layout, safety and spotters, there are lots of opportunities for you to get involved.


Ready to test the limits of your Corvette and you own driving skills? If you answered yes, then our Low Speed events are just what the doctor ordered. Sign up and see how you and your Corvette perform when pushed to the limits - safely on our closed course.


Got a location in mind to hold a low speed event? We need a flat smooth paved location and they're not usually readily available so if you have an idea for a suitable location please get in touch with our Director of Speed.