What is a Rally?

A Road Rally is traversed over public roads within the legal speed limit. The challenge is to drive on time, arriving at points along the route neither early nor late (it’s NOT a race). Each team needs a simple watch which can be synchronized to match official time, as well as something to write on and with. Interior lighting (map lights, a flashlight, etc) is also a good idea for night rallies.

After receiving and browsing the route instructions, cars start at one minute intervals. The first section, a short 10-15 mile route, is called the “Odometer Calibration Zone,” and is used to calibrate the rally car’s odometer to the official mileage used to measure the course by the rally-master. After this section, the competition really begins, as you must follow the course using the instructions in the route book, as well as the general instructions that govern the rally. Meanwhile, you must also stay on time, based on the average speeds given in the instructions at various points through the routes.

Spring RallySpring Ralley

The Spring Rally is the kick-off event for our driving season. Held the second Sunday in April, the Spring Rally gets the blood pumping and the Corvettes rumbling after a long storage season. Drivers and their Navigators can participate in three different rally challenges. Months before the event, our Rally Committee has designed a specific route and instruction for the participants. The list includes turns, things to observe and write down on the score-sheet you’re given… get them all right and the first place trophy could be yours. The second challenge is the Poker Rally. There will be 4 poker stops along your journey at each stop you will draw a playing card. At the end of the Rally you can purchase additional cards to make your best five card poker hand. Trophies and cash prizes handed out for this part of the challenge as well. The final challenge is the total miles traveled. If the total miles you drove matches the Rally Committees total miles you win. All of the proceeds from the Rally goes to our club Charity. This event is a great way to usher in the Corvette driving season.

1960 The 1st Mid-West Corvettes Rally

1960 MWC Rally


Volunteers are needed to help with registration and check in, manning checkpoints along the route and assisting at the finish.


Ralleys are FUN! Register your Corvette and you and your navigator are in for a fun-filled few hours. The navigator is responsible for recording information along the route and keeping the driver on the designated route.


Mid-West Corvettes is always on the lookout for new events to enhance our members' driving experiences. If you have an idea for a rally, there are plenty of members who would be great sounding boards for advice and assistance in getting your rally off the drawing board and onto a map. Don't hesitate to ask for help.


You'll need a radio. (they are required) We recommend Midland's GXT-1000 2-way radio. You can find these on sale from time to time. They're available at many retailers including Home Depot and Office Depot.

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