Mid-West Corvettes, Inc. July 7, 2020

President Darrell Amato called the meeting to order at 6:58 p.m.

 22 members were present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. A moment of silence was observed for Fallen, Past and Current Military Personnel and First Responders, also for Mike Painter, a member who passed away.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes will only be posted to the website.  A motion to accept the March, April, May and June minutes as submitted was made by John Severs and seconded by Diane Christensen. Motion carried. 

Treasurer Report: Shirley Schneider  passed a current Club’s balance sheet around the room. Credits were Interest and Diner Books in April, Interest and Deposit in May, Interest and Deposit In June and Interest in July. Debits were NCCC Memberships and DeBord Catering(deposit Anniversary Banquet) in April, Beardsley Printing(stationery) in May, NCCC Memberships and Craig Stevens(Diner Books) in June, Secretary of State(Annual report Non-Profit) and NCCC Membership in July.  Charity: Credits were 50/50, No Name Tags, Birthdays and Anniversaries in April (May, June and July). Debits were none. Motion to accept Treasurer reports made by Don VanDeWoestyne and seconded by Tom Hampton. Motion carried.

Governor’s Report: Al Fiscus reported that most everything is cancelled, listings are on NCCC.org under midwest region. Windy City Club has a show planned for the first weekend in August. Al was Thanked for leading the short drive outs the Club has had so far, with picnic lunches and all Covid precautions being taken.

Membership: Gale Brown reported we have 104 members with 14 being Lifetime.  If you have any changes let Gale Brown know. He also has information on Corvette Adventures in August if you are interested.  New Corvettes: Tom and Betty Marckese, Red 2014 Stingray Coupe and Butch and Linda Thomsen, Torch Red 2015 Stingray Coupe.

Social: Jean Amato heads up Social this year. Check the website calendar!  July 11 Garage Tour cancelled. July 11 Celebration of Life for Mike Painter from 1-4pm. Muscatine American Legion, arrangements are made for Corvette parking. July 16 Drive In Dinner at Dairy Freez 3950 Rockingham Road at 6pm. July 26th Drive Out meets at Ascentra Credit Union in LeClaire IA. meet 9:30am., driver meeting 9:45, leave at 10am. Heading to Lavender Crest for an outdoor seating lunch, approximately a 70 minute drive.

Speed: Butch Thomsen heads up Speed this year.  No report as everything has been cancelled.

Communications: Denny Waddell asked about other members getting involved leading drive outs and the Club should think about a Membership Drive in the future as this year isn’t a good one to promote that.

Charity: Sherri Brown noted Winners of 50/50 were  Al Fiscus and Donna Jochim(who both donated it back to Charity).  Discussed donating to Veterans chapters since there is no VOTR this year. 3 degree days Al said was earmarked for chapter 669, so there will be a donation collected at the August Business meeting for the Veterans and if you can’t make the meeting you can mail a donation to Shirley Schneiider earmarked for that purpose. Don brought up the Diner books and asked if the Club wanted to do them again. Discussion led to instead of Diner books this year do a Charity Night at the August Business meeting with proceeds going to the Club Charity. A Donation to Community Action of Eastern Iowa-Food Boxes was made, motion by Diane Christensen and seconded by Don VanDeWoestyne, while Rita Painter will add to the amount being donated. Motion carried. Darrell ignored Kathy as she tried to get his attention to let Club members know that Rita brought some articles of clothing and would like monies collected for items to go to Charity. The Thomsens thanked everyone for the cards and phone calls while they were ill.

Webmaster: Please use the website. If you have any questions contact Chuck Hersey. You should all be getting emails on a regular basis. If you posted something on the calendar that is cancelled you need to remove it from the calendar.

Car Show: Roger Miller will be doing this for the year. Links on website! If you know of any local car shows, let Roger know.  Antique Automobile Club and Janie’s Riverview Cafe are doing a Cafe Cruise with BBQ by Team Apple Smoke July 17th 4-7pm in Buffalo IA.  A side street is being blocked off for extra parking.  Also on July 26th Antique Automobile Club is having an Ice Cream and Cars at Country Style Ice Cream on Utica Ridge from 3:30-5:30pm. Durant is holding their car show July 19 starts at 8am. Ends at noon, 408 7th ST. Durant IA. (the school)

Publicity: Jean Amato. No report.

Parade: The general feeling of the membership was that we do not need a chairperson for this position. No one knew of any upcoming parades.

Quartermaster: Kathy Ragona.  No orders will be taken at the meetings as it is all online on the website now. If you have any problems contact Kathy and she will help you through it. Clothing tab is now on main page of website, no password needed to access.

Historian: Waldo Arnholz. If you have photos from the last 10 years of Club events Waldo would appreciate it if you could share them as he is working on compiling photos for the 60th Anniversary party. He can give you a thumb drive to put them on for him.

Sunshine: Sharon Morrissey heads up Sunshine and asks that you contact her with any information. July Birthdays and Anniversaries were noted, as well as the previous 3 months.

Old Business: Discussion of the 60th Anniversary photo, at this time looking to take in Mid September-Mid October, possibly making the number 60 with the cars and Eriksens as the frontrunner on location.

New Business: Discussed all cancelled events and decided that the short drive outs with picnic lunch or outside venue, possibly box lunches were the way to continue for the foreseeable driving season. NCCC may have changed the waivers to include a clause on Covid. They can be printed off on the NCCC website under waivers.  Asked members to help clean up the meeting room and all were invited to City Limits if they so chose to go. Motion to adjourn made by Kathy Ragona and seconded by Butch Thomsen. Meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Sue Severs, Secretary


Board of Directors and Chair Persons

  • President: Darrell Amato
  • Vice President/Communications: Denny Waddell
  • Secretary: Susan Severs
  • Treasurer: Shirley Schneider
  • Governor: Al Fiscus
  • Membership: Gail Brown
  • Social: Jean Amato
  • Speed: Butch Thomsen
  • Charity: Sherri Brown
  • Webmaster: Chuck Hersey
  • Car Shows: Roger Miller
  • Publicity: Jean Amato
  • Historian: Waldo Arnholz
  • Parade: Members
  • Quartermaster: Kathy Ragona
  • Sunshine: Sharon Morrissey