Mid-West Corvettes, Inc.

March 2, 2021

President Darrell Amato called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

27 members were present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  A moment of silence was observed for all Veterans, Fallen, Past and Current Military Personnel and First Responders. Darrell spoke briefly about Meetings, the safety of the Membership and continuing per CDC regulations.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes will only be posted to the website. Motion to accept November, December, January and February minutes as submitted made by Butch Thomsen and seconded by Carol Mathias. Motion carried.

Treasurers’ Report: Sherri Brown passed a current Club’s balance sheet around the room. December Credits were Interest, December Debits were NCCC New Members Fees and Renewal Fees. January Credits were New Member Fees and interest, January Debits were Gale Brown reimbursement-60th photo and framing for Erickens, Team 218 annual Web renewal and Milan Post Office annual fee.  February credits were interest, February Debits were NCCC New Member Fees. Charity: Credits were 50/50, No Name Tags, Birthdays and Anniversaries, December Credits were Charity Challenge donations from Members and Rita Painter donation, December Debits were Toys for Tots, Children’s Therapy Center, Bentley Francis Foundation, River Bend Food Bank and Happy Joe’s Kids Foundation . January credits were interest, January Debits were Gigi’s Playhouse QC and Community Action of Eastern Iowa. February Credits were a check from Rosie and Denny Meyer, February Debits were None.  Motion to accept all 3 months of Treasurer Reports made by Ron Mathias and seconded by Bill Ingersoll. Motion carried.

Governor’s Report:  Al Fiscus. Dates set up for Spring Rally April 18th 2021 and Low Speed Autocross August 15th 2021. 60th Anniversary September 26th.

Membership: Gale Brown reported that we have 108 members. Greg and Jennifer Crouch have sold their corvette. If you have a lost or damaged or need name changes on your Club Name Tag let Gale know and he will get you a new one. If you have changes (car, plates, etc.) let Gale know so he can get the information corrected.

Social:  Jean Amato heads up Social. Check the website calendar! No Events scheduled for March. There are usually 2 drive outs per month, asking Membership for input, where do you want to go and do, think about possibly leading a drive out, anyone interested in a 3-5 day trip? Fall trip is being planned.  2021 NCCC sanctioned events Sunday April 18th is the Spring Rally and Sunday August 15th is the Low Speed Autocross.

Speed: Butch Thomsen passed a volunteer sign up sheet around the room for the Spring Ralley. If interested in volunteering get ahold of Butch. 3 events, Trivia, poker and mileage, the drive will be about an hour. Each car must have a driver and a navigator, first car out at 10 am. Leaving from Eriksens.

Communications:  Rick Sherman heads communications.

Charity: Donna Jochim leads Charity this year. 50/50 winners were Gale Brown(donated back) and Denny Waddell. Donna made notepads as a Covid project and is asking $4.oo each for them with the monies going into the Charity fund.

Webmaster:  Please use the website. If you have any questions contact Chuck Hersey. You should all be getting emails on a regular basis. Discussed photos on the website, the possible removal of some, addition of others, needing more space at some point, maybe finding a go to person for this. The Board of Directors will review per Membership request.

Car Show: Roger Miller. No car shows listed yet, a few Ralleys and Low speed events. Links on website! If you know of any local car shows, let Roger know.

Publicity: Jean Amato. No report.

Parade: The general feeling of the membership was that we do not need a chairperson for this position. No one knew of any upcoming parades.

Quartermaster:  Kathy Nelson had nothing new.  No orders will be taken at the meetings as it is all online on the website now. If you have any problems contact Kathy and she will help you through it. Clothing tab is now on main page of website, no password needed to access.

Historian: Waldo Arnholz. If you have photos from the last 10 years of Club events Waldo would appreciate it if you could share them as he is working on compiling photos for the 60th Anniversary party. He can give you a thumb drive to put them on for him.

Sunshine: Linda Thomsen (absent) heads Sunshine. December, January, February and March Birthdays and Anniversaries were noted. If you have knowledge of Club members, such as get-wells, deaths, births, etc. please contact Linda with the information.

Old Business: Discussion of the 60th Anniversary party. Article being written for Blue Bars and Newspapers.

New Business: Board of Directors reviewed the Club Constitution, Standard Operating Procedures and the By-Laws, have agreed at this time no changes are necessary. The Photo (60th) is on the wall at Eriksens and Waldo (Historian) was given a small copy for records. Gale Brown had a 2020 C-7 calendar to give away.

Asked members to help clean up the meeting room.

Motion to adjourn made by Butch Thomsen and seconded by Jayne Kamp. Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Severs, Secretary

2021 Board of Directors are as follow:

  • President: Darrell Amato
  • Vice-President: Rick Sherman
  • Governor: Al Fiscus
  • Secretary: Sue Severs
  • Treasurer: Sherri Brown
  • Speed: Butch Thomsen
  • Social: Jean Amato
  • Membership: Gale Brown
  • Charity: Donna Jochim